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Want VII-X Supps on your shelves?

VII-X provides one-of-a-kind products that EVERYONE needs. These life-changing supplements 

can be purchased at wholesale pricing allowing you to make incredible profits! 


VII-X also offers supplements with a higher CBD & THC yield for licensed dispensaries 

Please contact us for label information & pricing:


Important Information About Wholesale Orders

Local State Laws - You must check with your local state laws and have appropriate business licenses to carry our products. We are not responsible or able to give you legal counsel on your local market. 

Delivery Times - Being that you are ordering large quantities of product at once, it may take 10-14 business days to process and deliver your order. Orders only ship after payment in full is received. 

Marketing Materials - We will supply display material, flyers, and marketing information with every order.  

Refunds - We spend a significant amount of time and resources to accommodate each wholesale order, we do not offer refunds on wholesale purchases. 

Minimum Advertised Price - We require anyone purchasing wholesale to sell at our minimum advertised price. We do not allow price undercutting. Wholesalers who undercut in pricing will immediately be terminated and will not be able to reorder. 

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